Monday, April 25, 2011

Boy Oh Boy

Back in November, we redid the boys' room and added some bunk beds. I love bunk beds. My brothers had them when we were growing up and they're terrific space-savers. The little man enjoys sleeping both on top and bottom. Apparently he's into bed-hopping in the middle of the night.
After having baby boy #2, I swore he would be out of the crib and in a bed when he was 1 year old. Well, we're one month away from his 2nd birthday and he's still in the crib . . . until today.

Little man wakes up on a daily basis, school or not, around 6:30am. If baby boy #2 hears him walk past his closed bedroom door, he's sure to wake up right after, crying for me to get him out of his crib. This morning, little man was up at 6:40am and baby boy #2 was up right after. Only he wasn't crying for me to come and get him. He was turning the handle of his bedroom door and walking down the hall.

That's right. Baby boy #2 somehow figured out how to get out of the crib. Obviously, I have to put him in the bottom bunk tonight. I feel lucky he didn't flip out of the crib and break a bone this morning, and I'm certainly not going to take that chance in the mornings to come.

I'm somehow prepared for flights of fancy down the hall to our bedroom in the middle of the night. I'm even prepared for someone falling out of the bottom bunk after little man does his late-night bed swap. I'm just not prepared to have 2 big boys and no more babies. Sigh . . .


  1. I so know how you feel! I have two boys and we are just looking at bunk beds. I hate that kids grow up so fast! I'm a new follower! Simple Mom Solutions

  2. Oh too funny! You want them to grow up and you want them to stay this way forever!

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