Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Satchel Dilemma

I'm obsessed with a new handbag from Jessica Simpson. I can't get this bag out of my mind but I can't justify spending $100 on it either.
This is the Katie Satchel. Isn't it cute?!? This lavender color is just fab for spring. I love the structure and design of this bag. It's very feminine.

In my quest to find a better price (which I did at Zappos), I stumbled upon this similar version called Fun and Fancy by Nine West.
This one is actually a bit more expensive on Zappos than the Jessica Simpson one, but it's also a little bigger. I like them both. I'm dazed and confused.

I think it's down to color choice. I love the lavender Jessica Simpson, but I'm afraid it'd get dirty in no time. The Nine West blue lagoon is much more practical since I'm running around with 2 boys all the time. I just hate being practical!

I think I had a revelation! This would make a great Mother's Day gift . . . for me!!! I'll be sure to email a link of this post to hubby. Let him decide.


  1. I know my opinion probably doesn't I personally like the shape of the Nine West bag better :) What a delimma!

  2. Just stopping by to follow you from the blog hop. Hope you'll come visit me, too!

  3. My fave is the lavender because it is purple!!! I actually have a lavender pebbled leather Coach bag that has held up signs of wear and I carried it exclusively for six months. As a kindergarten teacher and mom of four, I was worried about the color getting ink marks and who knows what else stained on it, but it's done fabulously!

    On the other hand, that blue color seems to be all the rage this spring. I see shades of it everywhere, so it would likely go with a lot of outfits. I think you win with either choice!