Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Too Cool for School

D, the 3 year old, had his preschool music program this morning. I wasn't expecting much because he is, after all, newly 3 years old and probably has some stage-fright, especially since he's never been on stage before. I wasn't exactly expecting this:

Mine is the expressionless one in the middle with the white shirt and grey stripes. This is pretty much the expression he had on his face through the entire program. There was no crying, thankfully, but no singing either. Just this look of "What are you all doing here and why are you looking at me?"

I would like to say it was cute, but he didn't really do anything. Maybe clapped once or twice and waved his hand goodbye, but that's the extent of the star quality D possesses. I suppose he's more of the brooding type. At least he's consistent, though. This is after the program was done on his way back to the classroom:

Still brooding. Still too cool for school. I just love that kid!

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