Monday, May 14, 2012

Musing Mondays

MizB at Should Be Reading hosts Musing Mondays. This week's musing asks . . . Do you tend to read to the end of a chapter or can you stop anywhere?

I try to read to the end of a chapter, but I will stop anywhere on the page. When I'm reading in bed at night, I sometimes fall asleep mid-sentence so I don't always have a choice.


  1. I LOVE your answer - thank you for sharing! :)

    Here's Mine:

  2. I am a whatever kind of reader as far as having to stop at the end of the chapter. It is always nice if I can, but in the real world that isn't always possible.

  3. Ha - I totally agree! I do the same thing. I especially love it when I fall asleep and drop the kindle on my face. Ouch! Here's my Musing
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    Cathy @ Addicted To Books

  4. reading in bed is dangerous if you have an e-reader. falling asleep and dropping a book is ok, but falling asleep and dropping an e-reader is BAD.

  5. Your answer made me chuckle. I fell asleep reading the other night and woke up with my cheek pressed to my Nook!