Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dreaming of an English Garden

I love to garden. I love flowers and shrubs and anything that blooms or doesn't bloom. Only problem is I stink at designing a garden.

I am not a landscaper, never claimed to be one. But I know when I see a garden that pleases my eye.

I'm partial to an English garden. I love a full garden of color and a bench or some other feature item. This garden would be truly delightful:

When I go to the garden center, there are so many choices that I get overwhelmed. I have no idea what should go where. So I wind up coming home with a bunch of stuff and no idea where to plant it.

Hubs and I are going to the garden center together tomorrow. Tonight we're going to try to plan it out before we actually get to the store. Otherwise I'll wind up buying a bunch of stuff not really knowing where to put it or how it will look all together. When I close my eyes, this shrub garden is what I envision:

 I just hope we can agree on something along these lines, even if it's not as lush and full as this. It is lovely though, isn't it?

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