Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Dilemma of Two

Both of my boys are born in May, 3 years and 3 weeks apart. I always seem to be on the ball and prepared for every last detail of the one that occurs early in the month. Party theme, decorations, cake, goody bags, treats for school, gifts, invitations, everything is thought through and prepped well in advance.

By the time I finish up the first party, preparations for the second party, which is held at the end of the month, should be well underway. And yet, 3 years in, I'm guilty of be incredibly lax when it comes to this party.

I sent out the invitations for D's 3rd birthday one week in advance. Not good. Especially when D was born on Memorial Day and his party is always held on Memorial Day weekend . . . when everyone has plans. You'd think I would know by now to get the invitations out at least a month before. Apparently not.

I just ordered his cake today, 4 days before his party. Thankfully, the baker could do it for me in time, mostly because we're not having a lot of people and I don't need a large cake. Phew!

His gifts are ordered and most have already been delivered. I have most of the decorations, but could probably pick up a few more. I have no special treat bags for the boys but that can be taken care of when I get the rest of the decorations. I still have a couple of days.

On my way home from picking up D at preschool today, I realized I have nothing planned for his little schoolmates. I always, always, always send in cupcakes or treats for R's classmates. It just didn't occur to me until today that I need something for D to bring to school with him on Thursday (he only goes 2 days a week and his actual birthday is Friday).

How did I forget that? Maybe because it's his first year in school? Maybe because I was focusing more on the family party than his school party? Maybe I'm just losing it?

I don't want to favor one child over the other. I want to treat both equally and make sure both get to have the same or similar experiences. Thankfully I have tomorrow to pick something up for him to bring to school. Thankfully I only have 2 children!

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  1. my boys are just 17 months apart, and I go through the same worries, that one will think I favor him over the other. They're very competitive that way, which does put a lot of pressure on birthday party planning! And yes, thankfully I too only have 2 children.