Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kids and Paperwork

Who knew kids came with so much paperwork?

I suppose I should've been clued in when I left the hospital with each bundle of joy requiring a briefcase to carry all the papers and folders I was bombarded with.

Every day R, the 6 year old, brings home a folder full of papers. Some to keep, some to sign and return, some to toss right in the recycle bin.

I try to be organized, but I'm not having much success. I have a bin for his completed schoolwork, and I mean an actual bin. The amount of ditto sheets are ridiculous. I suppose I'll thin this pile out as soon as he starts 1st grade.

I have a separate folder for the notes and various school announcements that come home. I suppose this folder will be cleaned out as well once September rolls around.

Then there's another folder for the PTA information that comes home. Meetings, events, officers - anything related to the PTA.

Like I said, I try to be organized but I still have random papers lying around the house. They're supposed to be reminders for trips or donations or whatever is upcoming that I need to prepare for. They just happen to get lost under other pieces of paper that come in the door.

D, the almost-3 year old, doesn't come with so much filing just yet. He's only in school 2 days a week so I suppose I have a few more years reprieve before he needs his own bin and filing folders.

Thank goodness I only have 2 kids!

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  1. We have a Rubbermaid tub full of PRE-SCHOOL artwork and can't imagine what Kindergarten and here forward will be like! Just getting enrolled has created a folder in itself.