Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Junglerrrific or Germophobe?

About a year ago I bought a Groupon to Junglerrrific, a local indoor jungle gym for kids. Not only are there 2 jungle gym climbing thingies inside, there are toys for the little ones and lots to play with. It's a great idea, especially on a rainy day like today. But . . .

Does the germ thing ever deter anyone else? I'm not a germophobe, at least not a full-fledged one, but I do worry about the kids getting sick. Probably because my kids get sick ALL THE TIME.

These indoor play places are loaded with germs, no doubt. The owner really tries to keep the toys clean and wipes them down every few hours. But you can't get all those little buggers now, can you?

I suppose I've been trying to pick the best time to go with D over the past year. The right time just never seemed to present itself. Either he was sick, getting over being sick, completely healthy and not wanting him to get sick again, or in school. 

Today, he's still got a few sniffles but he's perfectly fine. And it is raining. And I only have 3 more months to use the Groupon and get him there for a total of 4 times. So  . . .

Looks like we'll be heading over to Junglerrrific for an hour or so this afternoon. I'll be sure to bring lots of hand sanitizer with me. Come on, you know we'll need it.

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