Sunday, September 4, 2011

Those Terrible Twos

I love my kids. I wouldn't trade them for anything. That being said, my little guy turned two in May and it seems like someone flicked a switch in him. He's just terrible. If we're out somewhere and he's crying, people will ask what's wrong. I simply tell them "He's 2." Here are my top ten reasons I hate the Terrible Twos:
  1. Temper tantrums occur anywhere and everywhere
  2. Crying for no apparent reason, at least not to me
  3. Trying to dress/undress the child has become an Olympic sport
  4. Changing a diaper is impossible with an uncooperative participant
  5. The word "no" seems to be used whether the child means it or not
  6. Indecisiveness - first he wants this then when you give it to him, he doesn't
  7. Finding healthy foods that he'll eat at meal/snack time is a chore
  8. Chasing him around stores is just not fun
  9. Trying to ignore the crying/whining/yelling highlights my lack of patience
  10. Age 3 is much worse than 2

1 comment:

  1. I agree - 3 is MUCH worse than 2! It's proven true with both of my kids. All I hear is, "I can do it by myself!"

    Thanks for stopping by!