Thursday, September 22, 2011

No 2 Brothers Are Alike

Now that my 5 year old is in school all day, I have a chance to do things with my 2 year old alone. I signed him up for a couple of classes through our county park system. We started this week.

I know you're not supposed to compare siblings, but holy smokes. These two brothers couldn't be more different if they tried.

I, of course, have noticed the difference at home with certain things - their sleep habits, their eating habits, their general demeanor - but now that I've started classes with the 2 year old, the differences are vast.

The older one loved taking these classes and would sit and listen to stories and make the craft and basically do what he was told and what was expected of him. To this day, he's an excellent student. He's on-task. He listens. He participates.

Baby boy is . . . how should I say . . . a nightmare. He wants no part of story time. He talks to me. He picks up other books. He wanders around the room. Anything but sit and listen. When it's time to do a craft, he has to complain about it first and then I eventually coax him over to kind of, sort of complete it. He is very independent. A non-conformist. I would go so far as to say a baby rebel.

I realize we just started classes, and he'll eventually (fingers crossed) get the hang of a structured environment. I feel pretty confident in saying that I pity his teachers when he starts school and wish them well in dealing with him on a daily basis. May they have greater success than I.

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