Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Full Day at the Big K

Just to recap, my 5 year old started Kindergarten last Friday with a 1/2 day session. He came down with a cold this past Sunday. Overnight Monday into early Tuesday morning (the first full day of school), he was coughing so bad he couldn't breathe.

Off to the doctor's we went first thing Tuesday morning. No school for him.

He was diagnosed with croup cough. For those of you unfamiliar, it's a terrifying barking cough that can sometimes make it hard to breathe. No fun for my allergy-prone little man (or for me for that matter).

Antibiotics for 10 days was the course of treatment with the recommendation to keep him home from school for another day, just to be on the safe side, but the final decision was mine.

Wednesday morning came after a good night's sleep (thank you Jesus) and the coughing still sounded bad but no barking. No school for him, day 2.

I realize it's only Kindergarten and, really, how much is going to miss, but I was upset that he wasn't going to be in school on the first few full days. He needs to get into a routine, learn the rules, get used to the school, and here he was home, sick, playing Wii all day.

This morning came after another full night's sleep. I gave the little man breakfast, his antibiotic and a packed lunch. Off to school he went on his first full day.

It's one hour until dismissal, and I'm on pins and needles. Did he get lost? Did he make any friends? Could he make up some of the cute projects he missed? No one tells you how hard it is being a Mom.

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