Monday, September 12, 2011

Musing Mondays

MizB at Should Be Reading hosts Musing Mondays. This week's musing asks . . . What is the one (or maybe two) qualities a book must have for you to pass it along to your best friend as a “must-read”?

Given that the book first and foremost has to be well-written, I love the unexpected in a book. If there's a plot twist or a character does something "out of character", I thoroughly enjoy that. There's nothing worse than a predictable read.


  1. I totally agree with you; a different-from-the-usual plot is exactly what makes me love a book enough to recommend it!

  2. you don't think that predictable can sometimes be comforting? i will have to muse on that... ;-)

  3. Definitely agree about a plot twist, there's got to be some conflict and something unpredictable about the plot, but I would want the characters to be a little predictable - as Caite says, it's comforting and so often an author has a character do something crazy just to be a bit interesting and actually it's incongruous with the character, no?