Friday, November 12, 2010

Men Won't Ask for Directions, Or Something Like That

I am always surprised at how stupid men can be. I pray to God dear hubby doesn't read this, but here goes. He came home this afternoon with a HUGE piece of styrofoam insulation for the attic. He insisted on trying to shove it up the attic stairs and through the small passageway into the attic. Of course, any reasonable person could see this was not going to happen. Yet, dear hubby shoved one side, then the other, back and forth and back and forth in his feeble attempt to get this entire piece of insulation in the attic. You see, he didn't want to cut it, for it would defeat the purpose of insulation I guess. After about 10 minutes of shoving, he decided to pull it down and cut it. I thought, finally, he's come to his senses. No. He proceeded to cut about an inch or so off of either side and tried to shove it back up there. Not only was this not working, clearly because those 2 inches just wasn't enough to get it in there, it was getting wedged and pieces of insulation were now falling all over the upstairs hall underneath the attic ladder. After about half an hour and massive amounts of insulation pieces everywhere, along with a quart of sweat, he gave in and cut the insulation so it would fit. Why, why, why are men so stupid? And he damn well better pick up every last piece of insulation off that floor!

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