Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh No, Another Nice Day

Who would've thought that in mid-November I'd still be scrambling for things to do with the kids. It's going to be in the 60s today, and it seems ridiculous to stay indoors. Living in the Northeast, you don't get to enjoy the warm weather too long so taking advantage of beautiful days is important - at least to me it is. I've always felt that whatever I was or wasn't doing, there was something better I should be doing. All my life I've felt this way, and, quite honestly, it really messes everything up. Should we go to a craft fair, a park, the zoo, something, anything but staying in the house. God forbid the kids spend a day in the house when the temperature reads 60 degrees outside. I find out what others are doing, and they seem perfectly content just staying in or going to Lowe's to do a little shopping or maybe visiting a family member. Not me. Hurry, put your coats on. Let's go. I have no idea where I'm taking you, but let's just go.

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