Thursday, November 18, 2010

Such an Ugly Word

I'm so tired of feeling stupid. Whatever I do seems to lie on the incompetent side of the spectrum as far as my hubby is concerned. I hung new valances in the boys' bedroom the other day. Hubby comes home, looks at it and says "It's not straight." Today I wanted to order firewood but thought the quote I got for 1/2 cord from a local tree service listed in the phone book might be high so I checked with hubby. He looked in the classified section of the newspaper and found firewood for significantly less. I am halfway through replacing the drawer pulls in the boys' bedroom in my attempt to make it look more like a boys' room rather than the guest room. I couldn't find all of the pulls to finish but hubby came home and pulled out a bag from another drawer. See what I mean? And these are just 3 examples that I can actually recall. There are plenty more I'm sure. I must be stupid because I can't do anything right, not even remember all the things I'm doing wrong.

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