Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Monday

Okay, so I'm starting to prep for Thanksgiving since I am hosting. Fortunately, I'm not hosting a huge crowd this year. We sometimes have the pleasure of hubby's aunts, uncles, cousins and grandfather along with the immediate families joining us for the holidays. At least for Thanksgiving this year, we are only hosting the a portion of the immediate family, which is my parents, my brother, and hubby's Dad and wife. Wherein we could be having 20 guests, we're only having 5 so I shouldn't complain. I purchased a turkey this morning, which is now starting to defrost in the refrigerator. I make my mom's homemade stuffing so the slices of bread are out to dry. That's about all the tasks required for Monday. Tuesday is kind of an off day so maybe I'll do a little more straigtening up around the house. Wednesday is the big cooking day. I need to cut the potatoes and have them soak in a pot of water overnight. I need to fry the sausage meat, cut the celery and onion and actually make the stuffing. I also need to open up that damn turkey and clean it and remove the gizzards. GROSS! This is what I hate most about the Thanksgiving meal - dealing with the damn turkey. It seems so unnatural to me to be sticking my hands inside that bird. I gag through the entire process. I honestly cannot believe that I do this every year. The younger me would be laughing her ass off at the present-day me. Strange what time will do to a girl.

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