Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Sprayground or Not To Sprayground

Baby boy #2 is at the age now (15 months) where he's walking/running all over and not really listening to mommy anymore. In other words, I've kind of lost control of him. So when it comes to doing things with the boys, aka going to the park or the beach, it's a matter of chasing after him and then having him scream bloody murder when it's time to go. I'm sure there are moms out there who can completely relate to this, but it just makes me hesitant to go anywhere. For this reason, I've been putting off going to the local free sprayground with the boys all summer. But here we are, August 31, and I've been invited by a friend to go to the sprayground this morning. Ninety-five percent of me is going, but there's that 5% that is waffling. I just don't see this ending well. I see a wet, screaming toddler doing that thing when they turn into jello as you're trying to pick them up making it nearly impossible to hold onto them as we're trying to leave. I see it impossible to change him out of his wet clothes before he gets in the car for the ride home. I see a ride home with a screaming child in the back. But maybe I'm just pessimistic . . . or is it realistic?

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