Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boobs: Check!

I'm proud to say I went for my baseline mammogram last night. Yay me! I'm 41 years old and have several specialists I need to see this year. I need a mammo, skin cancer screening, and colonoscopy. I started with the boobs. Most men start there anyway, so why shouldn't I?

It was quick and virtually painless. I wasn't nervous going in. I was actually indifferent. I figure it's not root canal or child birth, how bad can it really be?? I imagine it's probably a lot easier for bigger breasted women as well. It's kind of uncomfortable trying to smoosh what little boob I have between 2 plates. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any tighter, the tech tightened her up just a bit more. There were a total of 4 compressions and I was done. It was literally minutes. I'll take a few minutes of uncomfortable to detect something that could potentially end my life.

Since I went in the evening, the doctor was already gone for the day. I was told the doctor would read the results in the morning. This office operates under the "no new is good news" theory. If I didn't hear anything from them today, everything was fine. It's about 5pm and I haven't had a phone call yet so I'm assuming all's well in the boob department. I even walked away with a parting gift: the cutest pen with a little pink ribbon on it for breast cancer awareness. One unpleasant visit down, 2 more to go . . .

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