Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Commercials

There's always lots of hoopla every year surrounding the Super Bowl commercials. I admit, I enjoy watching them as well. Some more than others.
For instance, I do not enjoy any Go Daddy commercial. I'm no prude, but this year's was just plain gross. I refuse to repost it because it's too nauseating. I don't need to see ANY people kissing up close and personal with the sound effects. Yuck!

Budweiser never fails to produce something heartfelt. The Taco Bell old folks was a good laugh, too.
I did enjoy the Calvin Klein Concepts commercial. Am I sexist? Maybe, but take a look in case you missed it. Come on - he's hot!!

I also enjoyed the Toyota RAV4 genie commercial with Kaley Cuoco. The mom's wish is my absolute favorite, and something I would probably wish for as well.

Pretty safe to say these two commercials were geared to women like me - and it worked. I remembered them and am reposting them. Mission accomplished, Calvin Klein and Toyota. Job well done.

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  1. I like their 360 seamless technology, too, whether or not it is sexist to think so! With the hundreds of disgusting godaddy ads, we women can have guilty pleasure from at least one of "our own."