Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Monthly Mommy Time

One of my so-called resolutions this year was to see my friends more frequently. Since I hardly ever see them outside of school or kids' birthday parties, I set the bar low and set a goal of meeting up once every month.
January went swimmingly well. I arranged to have a chocolate tasting party, had a few of the girls over and had a blast. Those chocolate martinis didn't hurt the situation much at all.
February didn't turn out so bad either. I invited a couple of moms over with their kids for more of an adult playdate. The kids ran around and did their thing while the adults sat around the dining room table with a bottle of wine and some snacks. It was small, but fun.
March is next week, and I'm already struggling with some ideas. I could go the route of another adult playdate and invite a few different moms. It was simple and the kids did have a good time. I could host another adult-only party via Stella and Dot or Tupperware, but my husband's schedule is pretty jam-packed in March and I don't have a babysitter.
I hope I come up with something soon. The calendar fills up pretty quickly. Before you know it, there will be no time left for Mommy time. And I've come to enjoy Mommy time.

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