Thursday, February 28, 2013

Signs of Spring

So we made it through another February. Bring on March. I like March. It's a hopeful month. Hoping Winter takes its last breath. Hoping Spring starts to spring. It actually has started to spring a bit around here.
Our first yellow crocus made an appearance 2 weeks ago. Now there are 3 or 4 more yellow, white and purple ones popping up around our tree. I love Spring.
My garden is starting to wake up. Shoots are sprouting up out of the earth with my yellow and white daffodils. I love Spring.
The birds are chirping up a storm every morning. I just saw a red robin today bouncing from tree to tree in our front yard. There's something so comforting about those sweet songs the birds sing each morning. I love Spring.
Let's not forget the cherry blossoms. Is there anything more beautiful and hopeful that those gorgeous cherry blossoms? I love Spring.
I'm going to try to enjoy Spring slowly this year because I know right on its heels are the dog days of Summer. I might not be using the word "love" so much in a post about that season. 

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