Thursday, December 29, 2011

My (Upcoming) Color Themed Tree

My tree is still up and fully decorated, but I've already got my storage crates ready for loading.

I've decided that after this Christmas, I'm going to do a theme Christmas tree every year. And by theme, I mean color theme.

I've always seen trees that are decorated with only one or two colors, and I love them. I find them simple and elegant and beautiful. That's what I want.

At present, my tree looks like this:
It's full of every color ornament, plus it's loaded with kids ornaments. It just looks full. I like it. But I don't love it. It's too busy.

Next year, the boys will get their own tree to put in their room with all their ornaments. No more batmobiles, Iron Man, Elmo or Cars on the big tree in the living room. Those will be relegated to the "Boys" ornament container and placed on the boys tree next year.

I will then segregate all ornaments by color and store them in their own containers. Then I can decide each December what lovely color(s) to decorate the tree with that year.

While I was purchasing the containers, I started purchasing new color ornaments in anticipation of my upcoming themes. I have a whole container full of purple/burgundy/pink ornaments already.

Living with a husband and 2 boys, I can't tell you how this excites me.

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