Monday, December 26, 2011

The Morning After Effect

What is it about the morning after a holiday that leaves me in pajamas all day?

It could be the fact that I hosted Christmas Eve and Christmas day. There was cooking, cleaning, setting up, putting away, more cleaning. It was a non-stop 48 hour festival of food and plates.

It could also be family conversations, or lack thereof. There's always stress involved when family comes to visit. What do I talk about? What topic do I avoid at all costs? For someone without a filter (me), that could be incredibly exhausting.

Then there are the kids. We only have two, but that's plenty. They're fighting over gifts. They're running around the house. They want to open every single one and then leave it on the floor after playing with it for 30 seconds.

And never mind opening the gifts. Those damn things are packaged so well, you need a team of bomb defusers just to get it out of the box.

So another holiday is over. I'm not sad to see it go. Just too lazy to shower and get out of my pajamas. And I'm loving it!

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