Friday, November 4, 2011

Aloha Friday

Kailani at An Island Life started Aloha Friday. Want to play along? I ask a question, you answer the question in the comments. You can also ask your own question on your blog and link up on Kailani's site. Here's my question:

Does your spouse/significant other wear cologne/perfume?

My answer: No, but I wish he did. I love a good-smelling man.


  1. I love a good smelling man, too - as long as it's not overkill. I worked with a guy I swear marinated in his cologne before coming in to work! :) My hubby does wear cologne, but not every day. I'll have to talk to him about that. ;)

    Smelly Laundry

  2. Nope... I bought him some for our wedding and he still has a FULL bottle!!

  3. Yes ~ Polo Sport! I know, a little old fashion, but I still love it after all these years! :-)

  4. We're into the scented body washes here.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Once in blue moon!!!

    I love a good smelling man and he just gotta learn how to dab a little man!

    But I wouldn't want one who kill my sinuses!

  6. Nope, nothing. He doesn't even like scented soap!

  7. Yes, he's always switching what he wears, but I like Wild Country by Avon better than anything.
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  8. I am a single and don't have a significant other but I sure do miss the smell of a man wearing cologne. Sigh.

  9. Yes, he does. He must have about 20 different ones. :-)

    An Island Life