Thursday, September 9, 2010

Run, Baby, Run

It's gotten to the point where I need to run 15-month old baby boy into the ground to ensure a good night's sleep. He's always been a pretty good sleeper since he was born, especially in comparison to the ever-awake 4 year old. That child just recently started sleeping through night. Did I mention he's four? That's a long time with not a lot of sleep . . . and I mean for me as the parent, never mind him as the child. Anyway, the little one appears to be going through some phase of waking up and just wanting me to hold him. Yes, it's cute and sweet and I should treasure every minute because he won't want anything to do with me soon enough. But I'm tired. Did I mention the 4-year old just started sleeping through the night recently? It gets exhausting after the third hour of trying to put the baby down and he just pops right back up. I'm not a young momma with endless energy. This mature momma needs her sleep. So I've taken to wearing that baby out, which in turn wears me out. We hit the beach or the park or the yard, or all three, every day. That child runs and runs and runs wherever he goes. He's constantly on the move. You'd figure with all the running and fresh air, he'd be wiped out and sleep "like a baby." Well, sometimes yes. He'll sleep a full 12 hours - pure bliss as far as I'm concerned. And then there are those nights when he just wants a little more momma.

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