Friday, March 29, 2013

No Filter Friday

Taking off my filter and telling it like it is. Here's what's got me going this week:
  1. I am so sick of this never-ending winter, I could spit nails. Here in the Northeast, it can't manage to get out of the 40s even on days it has been forecast to be in the 50s. We may not have any snow on the ground in New Jersey (this week), but I've had enough of the cold. My poor flowers are struggling to open but they're probably ruined from the overnight/early morning frost. I'm desperate for a pedicure and to start wearing my flip flops. Spring, where are you?
  3.  Is it just me, or are sinkholes and landslides freaking you out? It seems every other day I'm hearing about a sinkhole somewhere that's eating people alive - literally!! The fact that these holes aren't designated to one part of the country is what's most unsettling. Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon - something strange is happening to the Earth and, quite honestly, I'm kind of scared.
  5. North Korea is really starting to piss me off. Enough with the threats of war for no apparent reason. There's enough nonsense in this world already without yet another country attempting to flex its muscles. Leave everyone alone and shut up!

1 comment:

  1. N. Korea, sinkholes, and cold weather! I am right there with you. However I am in GA and it is sunny and cool, our ground is holding together pretty good right now, and we just sometimes ignore North Korea. Living in lala land today.