Friday, April 13, 2012

Aloha Friday

Kailani at An Island Life started Aloha Friday. Want to play along? I ask a question, you answer the question in the comments. You can also ask your own question on your blog and link up at Kailani's site. Here's my question:

Are you crafty?

My answer: No, but I want to be. When I see crafty projects, I get so frustrated. I want to come up with that fun stuff, but for some reason it's just not in me.


  1. No, not really and I sure wish I was...I just don't have the talent or patience for it, LOL!

  2. I consider myself lucky because I am a crafty person - I inherited my crafty side from my mom. :)

    Taming the Procrastination Beast

  3. No, but I do it if I have helping the kids :)

    I'd love to be though.

    Happy weekend

  4. Nope. However, if you give me the directions on how to make something I'm pretty good at following it.