Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Just some thoughts running through my head today . . .
  1. My son is allergic to dust mites. Hmmm . . . I'm screwed.
  2. Isn't it Spring yet?
  3. Egypt is a ticking time bomb.
  4. I wish I wasn't one of those moms that worried all the time.
  5. I wish someone would come and cook us dinner every night.
  6. I wish Lindsay Lohan would just go away with Charlie Sheen.
  7. Does every man {Congressman Christopher Lee (R-NY)} have to think with his penis?


  1. You should see my post today, it is about how allergies are good.

    I have a friend in Cairo and I am really worried for him.

    I want to be rich, not for the clothes and house, but for a personal trainer, chef and masseuse.

    Yes, most men think with that. It can be a good thing though, because it means we women are superior and can control them...muahhhhhhh!

    and yes Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen should just go away together.

  2. All good moms worry.

  3. It's funny, I'm a worrier, but not so much about my kids -- they seem to be doing fine -- the rest of my life, far too stressful :-)

    And yes, I wish Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen would both get lost somewhere far, far away -- I'm so tired of hearing about them -- sigh. Just like I'm tired of all our ice and snow -- I am sooo ready for Spring!!!


  4. BTW follow you with GFC - have a great evening!

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