Friday, February 11, 2011

No Filter Friday

Well this has been an interesting week full of stories that just get me going. So here goes . . .
  1. The South Carolina woman who had a baby in the toilet of an arena during a circus and left him there is completely friggin' crazy. She claims she didn't know she was pregnant and didn't know she was having a baby. Really? You didn't know you had a baby when he fell out of your vagina and splashed into the toilet? How is that even possible. Add all that to the fact that she already has a 4 year old son, and I just want to slap her.
  2. The video that repeatedly gets played of Cameron Diaz feeding popcorn to Alex Rodriguez at the Super Bowl is A N N O Y I N G. First of all, she looks either completely stoned out of her mind or infatuated beyond belief. Is he hot? Of course. Am I jaded after being married for 10 years? Maybe. But if I am, I really don't want to see a couple's cute little lovey-dovey moments played over and over and over again. It's personal and I feel like a perv watching it.
  3. The young woman who is 6 weeks pregnant and was given the wrong prescription medications from the drug store infuriates me. She may be in danger of losing the child or having a baby born with disabilities thanks to the incompetent employee at this pharmacy. I've posted about the complete inadequacy of workers in this country before and I'll post about it again in the future, I'm sure. Grrrrrrrr!


  1. I don't read or watch the news... I sometimes think I live in a cave. But then I learn so much for the first time by reading blogs like this! I am with you on each of those three counts. Incredulous and wanting to slap, annoyed, and pissed. Love the lack of filter ;-)

  2. My second child was delivered within 15 minutes. So, I can understand if a freak occurence happened and that lady gave birth in the bathroom. But seriously, what sort of monster gives birth and walks away, leaving thier child behind?? I guess she didn't want to miss the elephant show.

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  5. I don't understand how you cannot know you are having a baby as well. I just don't get that one. And the one about the wrong meds being given... That is really scarey stuff!!!

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  7. Thanks to shows like "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," now any girl who just dumps a child in a toilet leaving it there for dead can now claim that "she didn't know she was pregnant." Stupid show. Stupid people.

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  8. Found you from Saturday Stalk - So I am stalking you. Wait are you not supposed to tell people you are stalking them....Oh well!

    As to my opinions on your points:

    1 - AGREED!!! Ridiculous!
    2 - Over played for sure. Get over it, Media. We all have.
    3 - This happened to me once but I noticed it at home before I took it. I called the pharmacy and THEY SENT AN EMPLOYEE TO MY HOUSE TO PICK IT UP!! So I'm pretty sure this employee is now standing in the unemployment line. GEEZ!

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