Friday, February 25, 2011

No Filter Friday

Just a few things getting my goat this rainy Friday:
  1. I'm not exactly sure what the dilemma is with Planned Parenthood, but getting rid of it is a bad idea. For many women, this is the only place they go for exams, birth control and someone to talk to. I realize it is also a facility where abortions are performed, but so are hospitals and we're not getting rid of them (I hope). I fear that if these locations are closed, women will be at risk for more pregnancies, std's, and home-spun abortions. So much for a progressive country . . .
  2. For any man unsure of what to get a woman for a gift (aka my hubby), jewelry is never a bad idea. Every time a holiday, birthday or anniversary comes along, I fear for what's underneath that wrapping paper. I realize the boys just got a Wii for Christmas, but I really don't want any games. Nor do I want dvds or blu-rays that I'll view only once. Books are a good bet, but only if you know what I want to read. When in doubt, buy me a pair of earrings or a bracelet.
  3. I wish celebrities would stop airing their dirty laundry on tv. For the love of God, keep it to yourself. It's bad enough I have to see Lohan and Sheen self-destructing on the news on a daily basis, I'm not interested in seeing David Arquette squirm while sitting in one of Oprah's chairs. Obviously, this guy has issues but is it necessary for the world to see how screwed up he is? Get yourself together, then talk about it later . . . much later . . . if you're so inclined. Watching that interview yesterday made me uncomfortable. I've said it before: some things are personal for a reason. Keep it that way.

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