Friday, February 11, 2011

Life is Good Award

Special thanks to Asha at Random Ramblings of an Agnostic Mom for sharing this award with me. It's my second blogger award and I must admit, it's a nice feeling to be chosen. Now, for the rules:

In receiving this award I have to:

1.) Thank and put a link back to the person who so kindly gave this award.

2.) Share a few things about yourself.

3.) Pass the award onto some other bloggers you deem deserving.

4.) Inform these said bloggers that they have received the award.

My life seems to be full of lists so why not create yet another one? Okay, here are a few tidbits about my super-exciting life:
  1. I tend to be sarcastic (see above).
  2. One wall in my bedroom is painted red.
  3. I want to live in a house by the water.
  4. I don't sleep well when hubby is out of town.
  5. White cheddar Cheez-Its rock.
  6. I am in desperate need of a babysitter.
  7. I love fresh flowers in the house even though they die quickly.
  8. I used to be addicted to decorating shows on TV.
  9. My favorite number is 9 . . . so I'll stop here.
Now for the recipients I'm sharing this award with . . . Congratulations my fellow bloggers!

Michelle from Rules Do Not Apply

Denise from 50Plus Single BBW


  1. I'm glad you liked the award. :) I don't sleep well when my husband's gone either. I wake up a bunch of times. I've been taking Nature Made SLEEP just to fall alseep but it doesn't keep me out.

  2. Thank you so much for the award!! You rock!!