Thursday, October 7, 2010

Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here

Keeping up with this blog has proven to be difficult, but I am determined. The past few weeks have been hectic. Both kids were sick as was I, I started selling some items on ebay again, I'm driving back and forth to preschool, I'm enjoying the beautiful fall weather, and I'm trying to keep the little one busy so I have time to blog. That last one is a near impossible task. He feels the need to be near me at all times. If he can't climb up on my lap, I must be in view. I had a mini-breakdown the other day because I couldn't get anything done around the house without him hanging on my leg. My house is a disaster area, and some days I just can't stand looking at it. There are toys everywhere, folded clothes on the sofa and now holiday stuff is starting to pile up with Halloween approaching. Underneath that is a layer of dust and dirt that MUST be cleaned up. I really need to get a good cleaning in before the Christmas decorations come out otherwise I won't get to that layer of filth until January. I wonder if anyone would even notice. Unfortunately I would, and that's all that matters.

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