Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stepford Mom?

So we went to another child's birthday party yesterday. Ugh - the dreaded birthday parties. This was a family party for a 4 year old girl. This party boasted pony rides for the kids. Seriously - how many of these who-can-outdo-who parties do I have to attend??? There have been jungle gyms, magicians, face painters, petting zoos - all for children who will come to expect bigger and better next year. To date, we have not had a children's party for either of our boys yet. I figure when the oldest turns 5 (uh-oh, this coming May), we'll probably do our first friends party. I'm dreading it. What am I going to have to pull out of my butt to put on a show for these already-spoiled 5 year olds? I swore I would never try to keep up with the Jones' for my children's parties, and yet somehow I'm feeling like I need to do something. I thought he would invite 5 friends over for some play time in the yard, some pizza and cake, and a treat bag to take home. Now I'm actually contemplating a face painter. Or something bigger. See what living in the suburbs does to you? I'm turning into one of those moms - scary!!!!

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