Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Boy #2 Has Arrived

I don't have much time, but I can report baby boy #2 arrived on Monday, Memorial Day after a fast and furious 5 hour delivery. I am incredibly relieved that it is over, but am trying desperately to forget it as well. It seems that everything that could have gone wrong did. It was an extreme case of Murphy's Law. First I waited 45 minutes to be admitted for a scheduled 7am inducement. Then the nurse inserting the needle in my arm for the IV had to try twice to get it in without it feeling like she was driving a nail in - which it did feel like anyway. Then my obstetrician came in and decided to insert a monitor into my vagina. And I thought the IV insertion was painful! Then the contractions started - not so bad at first and then I was in agony. The anesthesiologist came to insert the epidural into my spine and I wound up with a wet tap. If any of you have experienced this, you know how miserable it is. This is when the insertion of the needle punctures a membrane and a small amount of spinal fluid is released leaving your brain to sag. Honest to God that is the truth. My brain has been sagging ever since. On top of that, it felt like the epidural didn't do what it was supposed to do since I was crying in pain with each contraction, which felt continuous at this point. The good news is I went from 3 cm to 10 cm in about an hour. The bad news is I was in too much pain to push. After being topped off with some more pain medication from Dr. Kavorkian, I was able to push. I thought I'd push a couple of times and he'd pop on out. No such luck. I wound up pushing for about 1/2 hour anyway. It was incredibly painful, albeit quick, and I'm still living with a residual epidural headache. Baby boy #2 weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz. (I knew he was going to be 8 lbs.) and he's healthy. Very hungry, but healthy. Oh but I'll save the topic of breastfeeding for another day . . .

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