Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Mental Block

Oh my God, having 2 children is killing me!! I am so sleep-deprived I think I'm losing my mind. Baby boy #2 is keeping me up around the clock. Of course, I am partially to blame because for some God-forsaken reason I have decided to breastfeed only. I didn't do this with my first. I let my husband feed him overnight with my first. Don't ask me why I'm torturing myself this go around, but I am. It seems the most I can get out of baby boy #2 is a 3 hour block of sleep. That happened a whopping one time so far - but it's now my benchmark. I usually get the 2 hour block, and honestly, that's just not enough. Even if it's 2 hours here and then 2 hours there, your body starts to react to that lack of continuous sleep. At first, it's a shock to the system so you can kind of deal with it. But when it starts happening on a daily basis, your body starts screaming out "What the hell is going on? Where's the sleep?" That's what I'm dealing with now. My body is starting to shut down because it's so tired. I can literally stand up and fix breakfast for the little guy with my eyes closed. Fortunately I don't remember how long this lasts. I have a feeling it's months - which frightens me. Just another example of how blocking things out enables the population to continue to grow. If moms remembered this stuff, no one would have babies anymore. I can vouch for that!!

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