Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Reasons Not to Have a Baby at Age 40

As baby boy #2 grows bigger, I've discovered a few reasons not to wait to have a child until you're the ripe old age of 40, or older:

1. You need more naps than your newborn.
2. You'll be 60+ by the time you finish paying for college.
3. You're supposed to be 40 and fabulous, not 40 and frumpy.
4. Your not-so-nubile body requires you to wear "mom" jeans.
5. You're changing diapers when you should be drinking martinis.
6. You hit your prime when your child is a teenager, in his prime.
7. That cruise for 2 to an island destination has morphed into a Disney cruise.
8. You're too old to find comfort in "this is only temporary."
9. You scarf down one meal a day and need a month of exercise to work it off.
10. You can't tell if you're experiencing post-partum or menopause.

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