Friday, April 12, 2013

No Filter Friday

Taking off my filter and telling it like it is. Here's what has me going this week:
  1. Not sure if any of you are familiar with this story, but it happened in New Jersey this week. A 4 year old and 6 year old boy were playing outside. The 4 year old went in his house and came back out with a loaded rifle and shot the 6 year old in the face. The 6 year old subsequently died. I almost have no words to describe my anger and heartbreak over this story. This is wrong on so many levels. Why does a 4 year old know there's a gun in the house? Why can he actually get to it? Why was it loaded? How does he know how to shoot it? Where were the parents? Was there no supervision of these children? Something must be done about this insanity before we all wind up shooting each other.
  2. Hey North Korea - piss or get off the pot?
  3. Spring is my favorite and least favorite time of year. I love the warm temperatures that eventually show up in the Northeast. I don't, however, enjoy the wild weather that comes along with it. We (finally) had 2 warm days this week - and by warm I mean hovering around 80 degrees. The thunderstorms that came through on the second night were no less powerful than July thunderstorms. Hey Mother Nature - what gives with the weather beating you've been hailing down on us lately? Take it easy. Plenty of summer to come in the days ahead.

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