Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kids' Party Planning

I've always said kids' parties were out of control, but now that I have my own I can definitively say they are completely overwhelming.
I don't believe in keeping up with the Joneses'. Never have, never will. But every few years, I will throw a kids' birthday party for one of the boys. Not every year, though. They have plenty of toys. Having parties every year would require I rent a second home for storage purposes.
This year, my very-soon-to-be 7-year-old has requested a kids' party. We have agreed to oblige him. He had one when he was 5, but the rest of his birthdays have been spent with family only at home. I think the pressure of others' parties is starting to get to him (and I really mean us).
He is having his party this coming Sunday at a local indoor arcade. Fifteen kids will assemble, play games, eat pizza and cake, and get sent home with a treat bag. Not too stressful.
Then there has to be the family party. We decided only grandparents this year for a quiet get-together at our house on Saturday afternoon. We'll order pizza, have some cake and let the big boy open his gifts. Another non-stressful event.
Friday will be the day he celebrates with his entire class. That means supplying cupcakes and a healthy snack (grapes) along with some drinks and plates for his classmates to enjoy with him. Shouldn't be such a big deal, right?
I'm pretty sure I have it all under control, but it adds up. I need certain things for certain days and can't leave anything out or I will have one unhappy birthday boy. Never mind the fact that I kind of ordered his gifts a little on the late side and am stressing the fact there is the possibility that they arrive after his birthday.
How does one 7-year-old get to celebrate a 3-day birthday weekend while slowly pushing his mother over the edge? See above.

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