Friday, April 5, 2013

No Filter Friday

Taking off my filter and telling it like it is. Here's what has me going this week:
  1. Why do teachers assign homework over break? It's a break. My 1st grader has homework every night during the school year. I get that you want him to stay up to speed and not forget how to think, but he's only on spring break for a week. This is why I think school should be held year round with a few breaks here and there. Having off for 2+ months is much too long. Their brain cells do start to atrophy from lack of use. But 1 week isn't long enough for those cells to forget. If it's called a break, it should be a break.
  2. Oh, Carnival Cruise Line, where did you go wrong? Is there some sort of curse on you? First one of your ships loses power and must drift back to port amidst leaking toilets and scant meals. Now that same ship gets blown off its mooring in the middle of a storm while being repaired, crashes into another ship and kills a worker on the dock. If there's one lesson I've learned, stay away from all things Carnival.
  3. A coach is defined as an athletic instructor or trainer. If your job is to instruct or train, what exactly are you instructing or training when you berate, belittle and physically attack your players? Shame on you, Mike Rice, former basketball coach of Rutgers University.

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