Monday, April 1, 2013

Kissing Cousins

My 6 year old was kissed this weekend. I'm kind of freaking out. Did I mention he's six?
Of course, it was innocent (she's a second or third cousin) and he's not even thinking about it anymore. He was the kissee, not the kissor. Which, as the mother of boys, is troubling on a few levels.
Girls are pretty aggressive these days. I never kissed a boy. I always waited to be kissed. And I never thought of kissing a boy when I was six. I thought they were cute, but they were still kind of dumb.
What are girls learning today if they think they should be kissing at six years old? How are boys like mine supposed to respond to these advances? I don't want my boys to think kissing is bad or wrong, but I don't want them doing it now. Is my 6 year old learning that when he goes on a playdate, it's ok or expected that he kiss a girl?
I'm trying not to make a big deal about it. I told him kissing Mommy or Grandma is fine, but kissing other girls isn't something he needs to be doing now.
I'm really not prepared for this. Can I just stop time right here and prevent the rest from happening?

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