Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Scary Around Here

Happy Halloween everyone! I love Halloween because it marks the beginning of the holiday season for us. We go all out when it comes to decorating. Now that we have 2 little boys, I get even more excited this time of year.

Today, however, I'm not so excited. Baby boy was running a fever last night and low-grade this morning. He's asleep now on the couch in his Super Why costume. No trick or treating for him this year.

The little man has been coughing up a storm all weekend and wasn't exactly thrilled about today's Halloween parade and party at school. I'm not sure if the cough is really bothering him or if it's just another Monday morning. He did say he was well enough to go trick or treating, so off I sent Lightning McQueen to enjoy his festivities.

Having been up since 4:30am with baby boy and worried about both boys all day, my stomach is now a bit upset. I tend to be a worrier by nature. Anything above and beyond every day troubles really throws me for a loop.

I think that's plenty to scare me this year. Let's get this day over with and move on to Thanksgiving!


  1. Hope your little guy feels better soon!

  2. One year when my sister was sick on Halloween, I trick-or-treated for her. It's a bummer to not feel good on the holidays.

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  3. Hi! New follower here from the blog hop

  4. Aww, sorry your Halloween was kind of ruined! Hope your son feels better soon!!