Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

I've been busy lately and have a lot to do today so I'm posting some quick thoughts:
  1. We're doing our kitchen over. Methinks this will be a stressful 2 months.
  2. I've never seen manic behavior in real life. It's frightening.
  3. In the midst of planning my son's 5th birthday party. Why is everything so expensive?
  4. Why are high school athletes dropping like flies these days? It scares me.
  5. I can't bear to hear about the 2012 election. I hate political campaigns!


  1. Just hopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend, I know what you mean about political campaigns they seem to go on forever, yawn x

  2. found your blog over at the blog hop at Never Growing Old -- love your blog! I'm a new follower :)

    and yea, why ARE high school athletes dropping like flies these days? I have a few kids who are into sports, and one plays high school soccer. So this scares me! On the our local news tonight there was a segment on this very topic, and in a town about 20 minutes from us they are giving kids free cardiac exams that check for any heart defects. My husband and I decided that we are taking our teen athletes in to get checked, and even some of our preteens. It's just so sad when a seemingly perfectly healthy child dies during their sporting event :(