Friday, March 18, 2011

No Filter Friday

Here's what's troubling me this week:
  • My new neighbor has 3 large dogs that are incessantly barking. Now that warmer weather is approaching and I'm ready to open my windows, there will certainly be words in the next few days . . . and I don't mean "Hi. How are you?"
  • My little guy is a terror. He is doing everything that my first never did. Yesterday I found orange crayon all over my white wall. Grrrr . . .
  • Why do men need every little thing spelled out for them in black and white? Unless you tell them the most minute detail of what you expect or need or want, they have no clue. Insinuation is not part of their existence.
  • I hate painting. I'm still trying to get my kitchen pantry and closets painted before the reno actually starts, and I just hate every stroke of the brush. It's messy. It smells. And it makes my arm hurt.
  • I think every store or business establishment should have a drive-thru window. I have so many things that need returning, exchanging or purchasing and not enough time to do it with 2 little ones. I seriously suggest having drive-thru windows so moms like me can get more done without dragging 2 screaming, restless kids with her to every store.


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  2. Popping over from the blog hop! Thanks for swinging by my blog.

  3. Ditto ditto ditto! Except for the kid crayon wall thing. I don't have kids because I can barely manage my own crap. Visiting from the Lady Blogger Tea Party