Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She Bit Off More Than She Could Chew

I've been crazy busy, taking on too many projects at once and not devoting any time to my blog. Here's what's going on in a nutshell:

We've got the ball rolling on a kitchen renovation. I've been researching new appliances on consumer reports and then trying to go see them in person. Things sound all fine and good when you read about them, but it's a whole different story when you seen it up close and personal. I was all set to purchase one refrigerator yesterday until I saw it in person. It just wasn't me - too plain. It's definitely good to do your homework before a major purchase, but I strongly discourage buying anything sight unseen. Pictures don't do the items justice, or in this case, they dish out too much justice.

Next item on the agenda is my son's 5th birthday. It's quickly approaching so party location needed to be decided. Since I doubt our kitchen will be finished in time for the party, we decided it was smart to have it elsewhere. One thing I've learned during this process - kids' parties are freaking expensive!! Once we agreed upon a location and day, I wanted to get cute invitations. We're having a Toy Story themed party so I did more research, this time on ebay, for some customized invitations. I'm waiting on the proof as I type this.

I'm still not finished with the family room redo that I started 2 weeks ago. This was not a major overhaul, just new accessories. Hubby's picking up the new ceiling fan tonight. I need 2 new lamps and another picture or perhaps a mirror for the wall, and then that room will be finished. Did I mention I think I'm doing too much at the same time?!?

And finally, through all this planning and researching and shopping (oh my), I'm repainting and organizing my kitchen closets/pantries. This is something that should've/could've been done years ago, but of course, nothing like the last minute for me. Since the kitchen's getting a facelift, the closets need to be refreshed as well. Hubs is taking care of the major painting in the room, and I ridiculously volunteered for the interior closet painting. My mantra each day as I put paintbrush to wall is "I hate painting."

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  1. Hey! sounds like you are 'chewing' it all quite well... you are so organized and on top of it all :) It might be the swallowing part that is where things get tough! lol I am really impressed at how much you are successfully juggling.