Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Parking Space Snatcher

Something is going on with me and the drop off/pick up situation at school. The other moms aren't playing nice.

First I had Rude Hornblower at R's school during drop off a few weeks ago. Now I have Parking Space Snatcher at D's school during pick up.

D's preschool is a small school in a nice neighborhood where all the moms drive one form or another of SUV or minivan. I am perfectly happy with my Lexus 4-door car. I don't need nor do I want an SUV and, quite honestly, I loathe the minivan. But I digress.

The preschool has a limited number of parking spots on a somewhat busy street. Lots of times the moms wait in the street with their blinkers on for spots to become available - which they do every few minutes.

I was one of the blinker moms today. As I was waiting patiently for a spot to open up, a black SUV pulled up in front of me and put her blinker on. Uhm, excuse me? When a spot became available, her and her big ass SUV took my spot. Wow, that was rude!

Fortunately another spot became available immediately after that one, but that's not the point. I was waiting longer, with my blinker on, for a spot. I followed proper protocol and she just came along and snatched my spot.

I debated saying something, but took the higher road (again) and refrained from a confrontation. The only problem with that is now I'm aggrevated and angry for the rest of the day.

This higher road stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be.


  1. Oh we got lots of those here. You name it - hornblowers, parking spot snatchers, middle of the road parkers, cut you off-ers. Sometimes I wish I drove a bulldozer LOL.

  2. Very true... sometimes the higher road stinks but it will pass until the next drop-off which is just a few hours away! :-)

  3. Oh... and hang in there!