Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm So Sick of Men

Just another woman, standing by her politician husband on the podium, embarrassed by the fact that he is, yet again, just another pervert. Yet still she stands there. Sigh.
I could be referring to a few choice women, but in this instance I'm speaking of Huma Abedin, the wife of New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. This fool has been caught, and admitted to, sexting with some little hooha while he was a Congressman a couple of years ago. He resigned, continued to sext, and is now running for mayor. I love these men who think they're entitled and can continue to get away with disrespecting their wives.
Of course, he's not the first and, I'm sure, won't be the last. Lest we forget Jim McGreevey who made a complete and utter fool of his wife, Dina, as she stood beside him while he announced he was, in fact, gay. They soon divorced, obviously.
What about the grand pooba of them all, Bill Clinton. Hillary stood by and is still wedded to this man who just couldn't keep it in his pants.
I don't have any doubt that the fact that a man has strong sexual urges impedes on his ability to perform his job. I do, however, have a problem with the blatant disrespect for the wives of these men and, quite honestly, the wives' willingness to show the world it's okay to be disrespected.
Of all the latest political scandals that have come to pass, the one woman I respect is Jenny Sanford, the ex-wife of Congressman Mark Sanford. She never stood next to him on the podium when he finally admitted that his random disappearances were actually jaunts to see his Argentine mistress. Then she promptly divorced him. Good for you, Jenny Sanford!
I'm not sure why the wives of the others continue to stay, but I can speculate. Some would say Hillary's (and perhaps Huma's) own political aspirations required her to maintain the façade of a marriage. Not sure if I buy that. Why does she need to stay married (to a cheater) in order to be successful? She was Secretary of State and will probably run for President again in 2016. Does she really need to be married to be so accomplished?
Maybe it's a lot simpler than all the speculation. Maybe these women are in love. Sounds sweet, but does not necessarily grant permission for these men to continue to be disrespectful. That's what gives me pause.

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  1. Surely, surely, surely NYC will not elect this scuzz bucket to be their mayor! I don't think we can ever "get it", re the wives, unless we walk in someone else's shoes but TWICE??? Weiner needs help and I think Huma does too.