Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heat Drain

Ugh, the heat is getting to me. We're in day 4 or 5 of the heat wave here in New Jersey, and although I have a pool and air conditioning, I am still feeling spent.
I wake up in the morning and feel exhausted and sweaty. Sleeping on the 2nd floor doesn't help matters, especially since it's about 5-10 degrees warmer up there. Maybe a night downstairs on the couch would do the trick.
The kids inevitably want to hit the pool at some point during the day. Last I checked (yesterday afternoon), the pool water temperature was 88 degrees. We have a large inground pool. If the temp in the deep end is reading 88, I don't want to know what the temp in the shallow end is. Not exactly a refreshing dip in the pool either way.
I am thankful that our power hasn't gone out. I'm sure the electric company is generating all sorts of amazing record usage this week. I just pray they keep it coming until Saturday or Sunday when this heat will break.
In the meantime, I will attempt to stay cool inside by drinking a glass of iced tea and wasting the day away online.

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