Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tree #2 - White Tree

I am on a roll. Hubs came home yesterday with a box full of white tree. Yay!!
The boys couldn't wait to put it up and start decorating. This one being my theme tree, I decided this year would be blue ornaments only (in honor of an all boy house, other than me of course). I purchased soooooo many ornaments on clearance last year, I don't have enough room on my 4 foot tree to put them all out. So I put on just enough, then added a few more, and this is the end result of Christmas Tree #2.

She's little, but she does the trick. I'll probably swap out the red tree skirt for a white one in keeping with the white holiday decor for my family room. I'll post pics of the room once it's complete, but I plan on a white wreath over the fireplace and white garland along the mantel. I just ordered the garland today. Hopefully it won't take too long to get here.
Two 4 foot trees are complete and it's not even December yet. Next up is the whopping 7 foot tree in the living room. That's definitely going to take some time. I just need to pace myself and make it as enjoyable as possible. Perhaps a little wine and some Christmas music will help me along!

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